What Women Don’t Cheat On


Dear girls, I will not feed you illusions, telling you that there is a certain formula (or pattern of action), applying which you once and for all exclude the likelihood of treason from the opposite sex. No! This formula, unfortunately, does not exist, otherwise it would be enough to study it and close the issue of cheating forever. But this does not mean at all that you should sit and wait, “whether you will get away with it”, unlike other girls who have already faced this situation, or not.

Yes, there is no formula that can completely protect yourself from situations of infidelity, but there is a certain order of action, which will minimize the occurrence of this problem, and that’s what we will talk to you about today. So, let’s proceed.

The first and most important thing you should realize for yourself is that the man leaves you not to the woman who is prettier, smarter or slimmer than you (for him, these criteria do not play a key role). He is leaving the state that he is experiencing next to you. Yes, yes, you shouldn’t be surprised, it’s true. The man is not leaving you for another woman, he is leaving you, remember this moment. From here comes all the consequences that follow.

Please note, I’m not talking about men who have not had enough time and “change girls like a glove”. In such a situation there is little that will depend on you, and the fact of cheating will happen anyway, so it is very important to make the right choice in your life. So, girls, if your man is a serious and responsible guy, then it is you who can influence the state that he is around you.

Let’s figure out how to do this:

  1. Groomed appearance. It should be understood that men are more visual in nature. In the first place, they look at the “picture”, the woman’s appearance, and only then – at her inner component. That is how nature works. Many girls think that when their relationship has moved to a higher level, you can relax and walk around with not always colored hair, periodically forgetting about makeup, combing and feminine things, because we are already loved. Lovely girls, you have this, of course, do not stop loving, but what then will happen? Quite simply, your man either slowly begin to look at other women (who look more spectacular than you), or lose interest in you as a woman, and you will no longer excite him. So if you want to be always desirable for your man, try to be in tone and do not make yourself indulgences, hiding children, a load at work or anything else.
  2. Femininity. Girls, answer the following questions for yourself now: have you ever had a situation where your man offered you to take away your bags of groceries, and you refused, letting him know that they can handle themselves? Have you ever taken a hammer in your delicate hands to hammer a nail? Have you ever repaired a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom? Now think hard and tell me, when you were doing all this, did you feel like a fragile and gentle girl? Certainly not! And it’s very important, being in a relationship with a man, to show their femininity, softness, fragility, so that your loved one feels a man near you. Do not be all the forces to demonstrate that you are a strong woman and can lift 10-20 pounds with one little finger. Better show that you are a gentle, fragile creature, who needs a man’s strength. Let your boyfriend understand that without him you can not cope with any task, which requires male physical strength, and then your man will see you as a gentle girl, which want to love and cherish.
  3. Self-development. It often happens that girls fall madly in love with their young man and begin to fixate on him, forgetting about themselves as an individual. This is not the way to do it. If in a relationship one person develops and the other stands still, sooner or later they will break up, that’s how life works. So that you do not have this happen, take care of your inner part, your contentment. Your man should be with you interesting. Start reading useful books, attend conferences, seminars, trainings, sign up for yoga, dance or go to the gym. In other words, do something that will develop you and make you an interesting person.
  4. Acceptance. If you initially started building a relationship with your young man with the goal of “fitting him in” in the future, this is a big mistake. “Break” the man as a person you yes, succeed. Provoke him to leave him for someone who will love him for who he is, yes too. Make him regret marrying you – definitely yes. But to make him your ideal – something out of the realm of fantasy. So a man should either be accepted for who he is, or not to be with him at all. The other is not given. If you chose the first option, then forget about comparing your young man with anyone else. Stop “nagging” him on every occasion (get a proper job, at least take out the trash, you’re not capable of anything, etc.). Instead, show your man how much you love him and are willing to support him in any situation. “Support” doesn’t mean get 3 jobs and support the whole family while he’s going through a rough patch. Remember the 2nd point we talked about above, “femininity”? Well, “support” means being there for your man, believing in him, being a fragile and gentle creature for whom he will want to “move mountains”, overcoming all obstacles.
  5. Personal space. There is a category of women who control each step of their man (texting, calling, surveillance, etc.). Such behavior is primarily an indicator of low self-esteem and a lack of trust in your chosen one. Sooner or later your man will get tired of your pressure and want to breathe a sigh of relief somewhere away from you with a confident girl (temporarily or permanently). To prevent this from happening, you and I need to remember that everyone should have their own space. Any lasting relationship is based primarily on trust. So do not constantly suspect your loved one of something, instead let him know that you love and trust him.
  6. The comfort of your home. Every man dreams of coming to a place where his loving wife is waiting for him, in a warm cozy house, with a hot dinner at the set table. But what happens in reality? A young man comes home, and his wife sits in front of him, tortured and irritated, everything is scattered at home, and dinner is not warmed up. He sits down at the table tired, at which point he is bombarded with more problems from his wife’s stories. What goes through a man’s mind at this point? He loses the desire to come home each time, and he’s constantly looking for reasons to stay late at work. Unfortunately, I know a lot of families like that, and it’s very sad. We women need to be a little wiser, try never to discuss problems at the dinner table. Meet your man with a smile on his face, talk about something nice. Be a reason for him to be happy, a sunshine in this mortal world – so that your man wants to come home sooner, where he feels good and comfortable.
  7. Intimacy. Girls, sex life in couples also plays an important role. Always be attractive for your man, do not deny yourself a beautiful lingerie, do everything to make you look at yourself in the mirror and see him as a stunning girl. Now I’m not talking about any standards of beauty, where you necessarily have to be 90-60-90, with long, luxurious hair, with perfect lashes and wide eyebrows – no. The main thing that you like yourself. Then next to his man you will feel confident and relaxed. He certainly feel it and appreciate it.

These are key points, by complying with which you can make your relationship as safe as possible from the situation on the part of your loved one. I hope that my article was useful for you. Be happy!