Types of People Prone to Cheating

As it turns out, lovers of “go left” can be divided into categories. WomanHit.ru will tell which men and women are most willing to succumb to their weaknesses

It is believed that even if a man did not cheat in reality, certainly in the thoughts did it more than once. There are one-time infidelity in reality, but there are individuals who make treason, almost a second job.
According to experts in the field of sexology, a man is always the perpetrator of adultery, either by his woman or by his own. He is always blamed for not being able to keep a woman, and if he himself has cheated, there is certainly no excuse for it.

But there are other points of view, for example, many psychologists are convinced that it’s all about human tendencies: there are certain types, which tend to “look left” much more often than others. Nevertheless, men are divided into more types than women.
Let’s figure out what these types are, and let’s start, perhaps, with men.

The man with the hook

This type of man is confident and knows how to approach a woman. Usually he goes straight ahead, the woman does not even have time to think and make a decision. It is not surprising that at times such a man has several women at the same time. He is not interested in love and he is not attached to a woman, because for him love means limiting his freedom.
That is why he strives for a relationship that does not bind him to anything. Such a man can have a family that will absolutely not bother him. Psychologists believe that a man is trying to assert himself in this way, proving to himself that he is still capable of much more.


This man is similar in manner to the previous one, but quality is more important to him than quantity. All women he has his eye on are exceptionally good. His “victims” are usually either the most active and brightest women of his environment, or the same narcissistic egoists. A man can even compete with a woman in the number of partners, and they will both be satisfied. When he gets “played” he quietly goes back to his family and waits until he meets the next Lady of his heart whom he needs to conquer.


This man loves only himself. Therefore, he needs a woman to appreciate and praise his talents and beauty. He does not accept undertones: women in his “world” are either beautiful or terrible, he chooses, as you know, the first type. And a woman does not necessarily have to be unattractive in appearance, to fall into the second category, it is enough to doubt his uniqueness.
If he chooses a woman, she has a hard time, because it is necessary to guess the desires of the partner just by looking at him. A wife in the life of such a man exists just “for the record”. However, he needs a wife in order to justify his trips to the left, explaining that he was not lucky with his wife.

A man in every sense

Probably the most “popular” kind. He justifies his cheating by the fact that he is a polygamous creature, which means that one woman is not enough for him. It is important to him what he thinks and says his friends, whom he “poured into the ears” his colorful stories of romantic victories. The man’s hobbies are quite simple: sports, hunting, fishing, hanging out with friends.
Oddly enough, this man is afraid of losing his family, so it is quite easy to scare him into leaving so that he never thinks about “improper” things again.

A lover of observation

This man competes with everyone and in everything: it is a pleasure for him to push his wife and mistress together, and then see what happens. There can also be a scenario where he tries to compete with his mistress’ husband. And he will be happy for his wife’s lover as well, because he has a worthy adversary.

What about the women?

The Queen

Even if she has a beautiful family, such a woman will be in perpetual search of a beautiful man. All her thoughts are occupied with salon procedures, yoga classes, new cosmetics and closet updates. She sets herself above her husband, and therefore she will not rest until she finds at least a decent lover.

The Adventurer

Unlike the previous type, this woman treats her husband well. The only problem is that she can get bored, so she is looking for a beau for fun. She is not going to build a long-term relationship, she is only interested in sex, so her choice is sturdily built men without any special intellectual inclinations.

It’s hard to say “no”

These women are the most mistrustful. They cheat not because they want to, but because they feel weakness in front of a man above her in status. According to psychologists, this behavior comes from childhood, when a girl was taught that her main quality is obedience. This type of women is most often found in professions such as flight attendant, secretary, teacher and nurse.