How To Overcome The Desire To Cheat On My Husband?

How To Overcome The Desire To Cheat On My Husband?

Asked by Anna

Peace be with you, Anna

There are such recommendations:

First, get back to reality. Women’s novels, magazines, social networks often erase our perception of reality, make us place exaggerated demands on our husbands, ourselves, our lives. The wife is equally responsible for the happiness of the marriage. In her power to give her husband to feel (and later really become) a strong, interesting, charming man.

Second, not to feed her desire to cheat on her husband. A wise man once said: “We cannot forbid birds to fly over our heads, but we will not allow them to land on our heads and build their nests on it.” If the thought of cheating comes to you, let it go, do not build a nest for it in your head. Bypass the dating sites and instead of looking at photos of muscular men or potential lovers, review your family album.

Thirdly, you need to make an effort to resolve the differences that have arisen in the family. Seek support from your husband, take the time to talk to him heart to heart, together go to the clergy or family counselor psychologist. Be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness yourself.

Ask God for wisdom and righteous decisions for your family!