How to Check Bloggers for Cheating

How to check bloggers for cheating

Advertisers spend a lot of money on advertising from bloggers. And the result often turns out to be zero. All due to the fact that the blogger scammed his activity and subscribers. From this article you’ll learn how to check opinion leaders for scamming.

Criteria for checking

  • Check the number of likes.
  • Scaling new followers on Instagram is not a difficult thing to do. If you do everything carefully, the developers of this social network will not ban the blogger. With YouTube, everything is a little more complicated, but here, too, there are ways to bypass the bans.
  • Before checking for bots, you need to calculate what percentage of subscribers is active and likes (or dislikes in the case of YouTube).
  • If there are at least 1,500 likes per 50,000 subscribers, you can take a closer look at the blogger. When there are fewer “hearts,” it’s worth considering.

Analyzing the number of likes of the blogger on Instagram

On YouTube, the situation is similar. In the screenshot below, we see that a popular blogger has 2.5 million subscribers, with even more views. The total number of likes is 240,000.

Look at the comments

Study who is responding to the blogger’s posts and how they are responding. Look for another opinion leader if you see comments like “Cool!”, “I liked it!” or just plain emoticons without any text in publications or under videos. It’s a sign of cheating and low reputation of the blogger.

Also pay attention to comments from various stores. As a rule, they are not interested in your proposals, they promote their services.

Analyze the posts in detail.
If you do not detect the accrual of likes and comments, then check what exactly the blogger writes in the posts.

Have you seen that almost every second post is blatantly advertising? Then you should not work with such a blogger. After all, your services will quickly get lost among the proposals of other advertisers.

Example of a blogger on Instagram with bright photos and a high level of activity.

Example of advertising from the same blogger on his YouTube channel. Native placement is provided.

  • Services for checking bloggers for clicks
  • Instagram
  • Fakelikeinfo

Fakelikeinfo service is used to check bloggers on Instagram. By analyzing any account, you will know the exact number of fake likes, comments and followers.

To run the check, enter the name of the desired Instagram profile. You don’t have to do anything else, you just have to wait. The waiting time usually does not exceed a couple of minutes. But in the case of millionaire bloggers, the verification time increases to several hours.

After that, detailed information about the parameters of the account will be available. In addition, the statistics of the last 12 posts is shown.

This is how the general information on the blogger’s account looks like

  • Data on a specific post
  • Auditor for Instagram

Auditor for Instagram immediately shows whether or not the blogger has engaged followers and activity on Instagram. For an example, let’s look at the travel account Alphabet of Countries.

It has:

  • 16.3 thousand followers;
  • beautiful posts;
  • encounters advertising content.

Since there are few likes, let’s examine how things really are. First, let’s look at the geography of the subscribers:

  • Most people live in Russia and 56.5% of them are women. In addition, the site also checks the types of audience;
  • real people – regular people;
  • influencers – other bloggers (they must be signed by at least 5000 people);
  • mass followers – commercial accounts;
  • suspicious accounts – bots.

From the statistics, we can see that there are not many bots. Mass followers are plentiful, and a potential advertiser may not like it.

Another indicator is Engagement. It shows how much people like the content of the blogger.

The ER of the account in question is 1.57%. This is a bad indicator, but it is not fully informative. We need to look at who exactly leaves comments and likes. If we look at Authentic Engagement, we see a score of Excellent.

Only 10% of accounts were considered suspicious by the service. Almost 90% are real people.

The next parameter is Likes spread (spread of likes per post).

Auditor shows that all is well. Normally, some posts are liked by subscribers more and others less.

Finally, the last metric is Likes-Comment Ratio.

There are 0.4 comments per 100 likes. The service says that this is bad because similar profiles have 2.4 comments for the same number of likes.

Use the Audience Quality Score to assess the quality of subscribers. It is a 100-point scale.

In our case, the profile is fine. In the future, choose for cooperation those bloggers whose AQS is greater than 70.


In February 2018, YouTube once again tightened the rules for using the service. Now the service bans the account even faster for detecting scams. Therefore, the advertiser should look more closely at any bloggers.

Social Blade

Social Blade is a service to monitor statistics and promotion channels in YouTube. You will not see the indicators of cheating here, but you will be able to notice the indirect signs.

Getting started is easy – specify the link to the desired channel in the search box.

For example, let’s take the channel of the company Yandex.

Of the main indicators here are:

  • total number of views for the month;
  • number of subscribers over the last 30 days.

We are interested in the Detailed Statistics section. Here you can see:

Changes in the number of views and the estimated value of the channel with a breakdown by day. If you see sharp changes of views or amount of subscribers, it might be a fake news.

Subscriber activity. This indicator is important because you can order ads at your convenience.

Useful tips for finding and working with bloggers

Izea has done research and found that the right bloggers can be found to promote any service or product.

The research shows how many bloggers there are in a particular field
The best way to find the right bloggers is to do research and identify what your target audience is interested in. Determine:

Who your competitors prefer to post from;
Who your potential customers and subscribers watch or read;
whose posts are best shared.
But that won’t be enough. Here are some metrics to look at.

Give the blogger the freedom to be creative

Individuality – this is what every blogger has earned his popularity and reputation on. Therefore, it is necessary to give the opinion leader creative freedom. After all, the man himself knows what his target audience likes.

When working with bloggers, you need to make native advertising. It does not look like a direct call to action. Thanks to the personal recommendation of the opinion leader such promotion works better.

Successful native advertising turned out on the channel Big Russian Boss. The presenter did not impose anything. In his typical image, he talked about the products of a popular Russian bank and offered bonuses to everyone who signed up for a bank card. The customers did not impose their format, which is why most of the subscribers liked the video.

Always discuss prices

You can’t solve this issue in a couple of minutes. Popular bloggers always have a waiting list, and they may answer you in 1-2 weeks for an ad placement. The cost of services is different for everyone. Moreover, it does not play a role, quality account or not. Bloggers come up with their own prices. But the advertiser will make a discount if:

he launches a long-term project and has already ordered several publications;
the work is not with intermediaries, but through special platforms-aggregators;
the opinion leader likes the products.
Look for microbloggers

Microbloggers are called opinion leaders with an active audience of up to 50,000 people. Such bloggers exhibit low prices (no more than 2500 rubles) for publications. Advertising inserts in these agents of influence are more like personal recommendations, so there is more involvement. 

Comparison of bloggers and microbloggers:

  • Remember
  • Check the number of likes.
  • Review the quality of comments.
  • Analyze the posts in detail.
  • Give the blogger freedom to be creative.
  • Look for microbloggers.
  • Carefully study the content published by the opinion leader.
  • Use Fakelikeinfo and Auditor to detect scams on Instagram.
  • Use Social Blade to identify scams on YouTube.